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Outerbridge's Original
Sherry peppers have been a part of Bermuda cuisine for generations. During the nineteenth century imaginative sailors in the Royal Navy were fortifying sherry with hot peppers to concoct an all-purpose "seasoning.

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Horton?s is Bermuda's first gift food export. They first received awards for 'Excellence' on a marketing trip where they were selected by a team of gourmet food experts at the industry's International Fancy Food Show in New York.

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Onion Jacks Trading Post
You can shop anytime... day or night, you never need cash, you never have to wait in line you can sit while you shop can wear your pajamas if you want and you don't have to do your hair!

Hamilton - Paget - Pembroke
The Island Shop (Barbara Finsness Designs)
Barbara Finsness arrived in Bermuda in 1981, having studied Fine Art at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. The Island Shop, located in the heart of Hamilton, Bermuda, features her signature collection of giftware.

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Phoenix Kidz
Phoenix Kidz is the quintessential source for everything new. Expectant parents need look no further when preparing for baby's arrival; setting up a nursery; traveling with a newborn or establishing a safe environment for baby.

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P-Tech, a department of the Phoenix Stores is Bermuda?s premier provider of a wide assortment of consumer electronics including digital cameras & accessories, MP3 Players and so much more.

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Flowers by GiMi
Our primary objective is to support the tourism and corporate industries, providing exquisite and innovative floral designs and gift packages for convention groups, local events and our client base in Bermuda and overseas.

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