Bermuda Island Online Travel Guide

Fort of St. Catherine
One of the most impressive forts and a top favorite of ours, St Catherine fort Bermuda's historic exhibits, artifacts, and well preserved interior, make it a top choice of forts in Bermuda.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse
Climb up 185 steps for good views from the top of the lighthouse built in 1846. The balcony at the top is 385ft above sea level. This lighthouse is also one of the few in the world that was made of cast iron.

Bermuda Maritime Museum
Exhibits of Spanish treasure, Bermudan boats and other nautical items can be found at this wonderful museum.

St David's Lighthouse
Located on St. David's Island and overlooking the South Shore, this famous 100 Year-old Lighthouse is a landmark on Bermudas east end. The Lighthouse at the eastern end of St. David's island is a sturdy stone structure, and has been working since 187

Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo(BAMZ)
ACP provides a vital educational, conservation and cultural link between Bermuda and its neighbors, particularly the United States. We bring students and teachers together to inspire respect for nature, and awareness of humankind?s impact on Earth .

Hamilton - Paget - Pembroke
The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute
o advance the understanding, appreciation and knowledge of the ocean and to encourage the protection and preservation of the marine environment".

St. George
Bermuda National Trust Museum
Built by Governor Samuel Day, the Globe Hotel dates from c. 1700. It is one of the oldest stone buildings in Bermuda.

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