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Bermuda Rental Car? Try A Scooter!

The halcyon island of Bermuda boasts many unique features not shared with other tropical destinations that make it especially attractive for travelers looking to explore a unique temperate culture and landscape, tourists entering Bermuda quickly notice the first difference as Bermuda's prohibition on rental cars. The appropriately 140 miles of mostly windy, narrow public paved roads reflect the intimate aura of the island encompassed within 21 square miles. The road system accommodates busses, taxis, scooters, bicycles and pedestrians, yet, no rental cars offered for hire. Bermuda prohibits off islanders from renting cars as part of a government program that eases congestion and overuse of the island's thoroughfares. The local ecological community benefits from the lack of rental vehicles that would overcrowd the island with increased waste and pollution. The legislature allows Bermuda residents themselves only one car per family and these vehicles must conform to specifications set forth to limit vehicle size and even color.

Bermuda serves as a destination for world travelers, and the transportation system on the island operates effectively sans rental cars. The island offers attractions in every direction, and conveyance options abound. Bus fare requires a mere $4.50 bought at the information booth in the airport with the limit of one carry-on size bag and one suitcase. Taxis are available throughout the island and cost reflects their increased flexibility only marginally. The Sea Express ferry runs between popular ports for $2.50 to $4.00 per trip and remains a great way to see the island's multifaceted coastlines. The ferry allows scooters aboard certain routes for ease and convenience.  The airport sits not far from a menagerie of scooter rental agents along with bicycle rental shops that give visitors a more intimate view of the splendors Bermuda abounds with. The Bermuda Railway Trail presents eighteen miles of bicycle and walking tracks that immerses the senses into the lush green living forests that remains the tropical soul of this incredible getaway destination.

For travelers who want control of their own transportation scooters stand out as the popular choice and many rental shops will throw in a helmet and lock to sweeten the deal. Scooters come in both one seat and two passenger varieties for operators over 16 years old. All scooter passengers must wear helmets and shirts at all times, shoes rather than sandals make a smart choice too. Figure a daily scooter rental in the neighborhood of $40-$50. Many rental shops offer mopeds at less expensive rates. Multi day discounts go with most rentals. If you come to Bermuda by plane several scooter shops will deliver your scooter at the airport and some will even shuttle your larger luggage directly to your hotel.

Check with your hotel for special transportation options. In some cases hotels may offer a shuttle service from the airport. The Princess Hotel in Hamilton offers a special complementary shuttle to its sister resort the Princess Southampton for guests to enjoy some of the extra facilities there. Many hotels offer scooter rental facilities directly at the hotel.

When you choose to stay in Bermuda keep in mind that the seasonal population with visitors balloons to ten times the annual population level, allowing rental cars would limit the accessibility of the island for everyone immensely. Locals that do own cars pay 150% of the cost of the vehicle in taxes therefore expensive cars do not abound. Once on the island, it takes no time to acclimate to the pace without relying on rental cars, the coastline and interior are not too distant to make it on a scooter or bicycle with ease. It feels fitting that visitors are not allowed to speed past all the innate and unique attractions of the island, scooters and bicycles make it possible to take in each new stimulation as separate delicacies. Even on a scooter or in a taxi expect speed limits of only bit more than 20 miles per hour. Bermuda rests a mere hour and a half flight out of New York City and its more temperate location gives visitors the tropics without the overbearing heat of other islands closer to the equator. To come to Bermuda for the trip of a lifetime, enjoying the islands splendor without the rush and commotion of having a rental car adds to everything else that makes this paradise stand out.

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