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Many types of accommodations rest in Bermuda, making it easy for couples to find their perfect home-away-from-home. In the case of those planning destination weddings, the large south-coast beachfront resorts make for popular choices, usually due to the convenience factor. They typically offer a range of ceremony locations such as private beaches, gardens, ballrooms, and terraces, all highly accessible and accommodating for larger parties. Resorts also usually provide the services of a wedding coordinator, allowing you to be as hands-on or off with the planning as you prefer. Honeymoon and wedding packages round out the perks, many with luxurious features like in-room massages, champagne, romantic beach dinners, and more. If you prefer, hold your ceremony, enjoy your honeymoon, and ensure that your guests remain fed, entertained, and comfortable, all without ever leaving the resort grounds!

Should you find the larger resorts too overwhelming or too expensive, a variety of other choices lay scattered across the island. Choose from guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, apartments, cottages, and villas, many at lower costs and with more privacy, minus the ultra-luxurious benefits of the resorts. Some of them even feature more room, with fewer crowds of tourists to work around during your ceremony. If you still want a beachfront ceremony but choose a hotel away from the water, a number of stunning public beaches make the perfect setting for exchanging vows.

The type of accommodation you choose on Bermuda bears a huge impact on the type of wedding and honeymoon experience you’ll carry for the rest of your life. Do you prefer sitting in the lap of luxury, or do you just want things as small and intimate as possible? Do you plan on leaving your hotel everyday to explore the island, or do you never want to go more than a couple hundred feet from your room? The decisions should reflect your personal needs and taste, and luckily, Bermuda contains a lot of options!

Coco Reef

For a Bermuda destination wedding in a casual and tranquil atmosphere, head to Coco Reef, where the friendly staff invites you in and immediately makes you feel at home! The atmosphere stays laidback and true to the island lifestyle, yet the facilities remain polished and well kept for a perfect balance of the fun and luxurious. Conveniently located close to the capital city of Hamilton, and only 30 minutes from the airport, transportation to the area is no challenge, and plenty of off-property entertainment sits just a short bus ride away.

Couples planning their destination wedding find a wide variety of hotel locations in which to exchange vows. Marry right on the famous pink sand beach or on the hotel lawn, both of which offer stunning views of the coast; or perhaps the lovely sundeck or terrace, both suspended above the beaches and hotel grounds for breathtaking scenery. The hotel also offers smaller rooms for up to 20 people if the couple prefers a more intimate, indoor experience. With room for parties of 200, a perfectly sized venue awaits your wedding party, from the most intimate of celebrations to huge blowout bashes.

When the wedding wraps up, why not celebrate your honeymoon in style without leaving the resort? Coco Reef offers romantic honeymoon packages for newlywed couples, which include a daily romantic breakfast, welcome champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries, private candlelit dinner on the beach, and an in-room massage for 2. Enjoy your wedding in laidback style and comfort at the Coco Reef Resort!

To book a room visit: Coco Reef


3 Stonington Circle
South Shore Road
Paget Parish
Bermuda, PG 04

Phone: (441)236-5416
Fax: (441) 236-9766

Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa

Relax and indulge during your wedding at the Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa, with a full 30 acres of lush greenery, scenic beaches, and outstanding facilities. With an atmosphere of refined tranquility, couples about to marry can expect relaxation and excellent service on the days leading up to, and even after, their wedding. A number of amenities offer comfort to you and your guests, containing anything you might want or need right within the resort!

Not one but four private beaches beckon in the warm Bermuda sunshine, perfect for exchanging vows or for relaxing on your honeymoon. The resort overlooks Long Bay Beach on one side and Mangrove on the other, leaving guests virtually surrounded by stunning scenery, and offers access to Long Bay, Morning, Turtle Cove, and Pegem, some of the loveliest shores on the island. On-location, a putting green, wellness center, spa, tennis courts, and a multi-level infinity edge pool keep you and your guests entertained, while 3 separate restaurants create decadent dining experiences. For the couple, a romantic wedding package offers full coordination services, including license, minister, witness, bouquet, photographer, wedding cake, and location setup. Other features include explorations of the island, romantic massages, spa passes, and more. Choose your location on this lovely 30-acre resort, and jump right into enjoying your honeymoon on the beautiful island of Bermuda!

To book a room: Cambridge Beaches Resort


Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa
30 Kings Point Road
Sandys MA02

Phone: (441) 234 - 0331
Fax: (441) 234 - 3352

Elbow Beach Hotel

Conveniently located only minutes from Hamilton on the famous pink-sand shore of the same name, Elbow Beach Hotel brings upscale treatment, comfort, and beautiful surroundings to your Bermuda destination wedding.

Instead of one large building, the 98 guest rooms and suites of Elbow Beach lay situated in individual cottages spread across the property, maximizing privacy for the soon-to-be-wed couple. The property consists of 50 acres of lush, beautifully manicured gardens on which to hold your ceremony, and a variety of great wedding sites allow you to personalize your day however you prefer. Some couples choose to marry right on the beach, while others prefer the ocean view terrace or beneath the Bermuda Moongate, a circular stone structure thought to bring good luck. The hotel accommodates up to 150 people for weddings, and offers a variety of pre-made packages for convenience (or if you prefer, work with the coordinator to customize your own!) The hotel also offers just about any service you might want or need, including music, hair, makeup, photographers, flowers, and more. They can even help set you up with fireworks, if you so desire! For a wonderful luxury experience along with a wide range of wedding options, consider the Elbow Beach Hotel for your destination wedding experience.

To book a room visit: Elbow Beach Hotel


60 South Shore Road
Paget Parish, Bermuda

Telephone: +1 (441) 236 3535
Fax: +1 (441) 236 8043


What better location for your destination wedding ceremony than the lovely beaches of Bermuda? Scattered throughout the various parishes of this fishhook shaped island, their unique pink sand and beautiful scenery create the perfect romantic backdrop for exchanging your vows. The sand’s famous pink tinge actually comes from the pulverized shells of tiny sea animals, and contrasts beautifully against the gently sweeping turquoise waves. Although hotels own some of the beaches on the island, and restrict access to guests only, plenty of popular and lovely public beaches stay accessible to everyone.

If you prefer the convenience of nearby facilities, catering, and amenities like restrooms and bars, you may want to consider planning a wedding at one of the private hotel beaches. This offers great opportunities for putting your affairs in the hands of a coordinator, kicking back, and enjoying the surrounding luxury, albeit at the cost of a site fee. However, some of the public beaches are among the most popular on the island, although they usually lack any type of facilities – the odd one out offers a snack bar or restrooms. These locations are simply left to their own natural beauty, which greatly appeals to some couples. The public beaches remain open from sunup to sundown, and you can hold a wedding on any of them at no site fee cost. Regardless of where you choose to hold your Bermuda destination wedding, these lovely beaches provide a fantastic environment for romance and the ceremony of your dreams!

Elbow Beach

Located in Paget Parish central to Bermuda, Elbow Beach draws couples with its lovely and exotic pink sand, calm blue waters, and fun and safe atmosphere. The beach is actually divided into 2 sections – the eastern side belongs to the Elbow Beach Resort, while the western end stays open to the public. The public beach contains only bathrooms, so bring anything you might need for your wedding ceremony! While there’s no fee to hold a ceremony on the public end, the eastern side presents a different story.

If you prefer catering at your event, it is possible to hold your ceremony on the Elbow Beach Resort property without staying there, provided you use their food and beverage services. An on-site wedding at the resort beach with no rooms booked costs you USD$2,500, with a $75 minimum charge per person for food and drink. Expect to see gratuity and labor charges as well, and a site fee of $500 for weddings taking place Monday-Thursday.

This beautiful beach lies only 10 minutes from the city of Hamilton, and draws crowds both for its convenience and its appearance. Expect to see lots of people tanning on the sand or swimming in the reef-protected waters, and remember that this is also a popular location for cruise ship traffic. For couples that want privacy and quiet, Elbow Beach many not represent the ideal location.

During the day, however, the atmosphere here remains fun and lighthearted, with pickup volleyball games and water sports – the reef just off the shore is an ideal location for snorkeling, and the hotel provides rentals to non-guests for a fee. Remember that the public portion closes when the sun goes down, so plan your event accordingly. For couples who want stunning scenery in a convenient location, and don’t mind a few extra people standing around, Elbow Beach might make the perfect venue for you.

Warwick Long Bay

For a quieter ceremony spot, consider Warwick Long Bay in Warwick Parish, on the western end of Bermuda. A tranquil and lovely location with fewer visitors, the soft pink sand beckons couples to walk hand in hand down the shore, or to exchange vows right where the waves break. A few boulders and large rocks stud the stand for dramatic effect, while sea grape and grass grow in a thick border beyond the sand. At nearly half a mile long, this is one of the lengthiest beaches in Bermuda, offering a wide variety of ceremony sites to choose from. If you’re lucky and come during the off-season, you might end up with much of the area all to yourself. Like many of the public beaches, the only facilities in the area are restrooms, so prepare to bring anything you might need for a wedding or reception celebration – with convenient access only 5 minutes from a nearby bus stop, getting here presents no problem for you or your wedding party.

Horseshoe Bay

On the southwestern coast of the Southampton Parish lies one of the most popular beaches in all of Bermuda – Horseshoe Beach, an appropriately named long curve of pink sand that draws visitors from across the island. Convenient and a virtual paradise, couples hold their ceremonies here to enjoy both the natural beauty and the easy accessibility.

In terms of convenience at the public beaches, this spot takes the cake – water sports rentals, a snack shack, restrooms, showers, and changing areas all make themselves available to visitors. Lifeguards are even on duty during the months of May through September, due to the occasional strong riptide. Hold your ceremony right in the baby-powder soft pink sand and enjoy the cool sea breeze, the gentle sound of the waves, and the bright colors and vitality of a tropical paradise.

Take note that as this is one of the most popular beaches in Bermuda, crowds occasionally form. If you prefer a very peaceful or isolated location for your wedding ceremony, plan for early in the day or in the evening, or consider looking for a different spot entirely.

Jobson’s Cove

It’s hard to define the beaches of Bermuda in terms other than “perfect”, or “gorgeous” – with location after location containing idyllic pink sand shores, endless blue water, and beautiful views, it’s sometimes hard to differentiate what makes one more beautiful than the rest. But Jobson’s Cove is truly a gem, even by Bermuda’s standards, and it creates an ultra-romantic spot for any destination wedding.

Imagine a tiny cove with a swimming-pool-sized body of crystal blue water, cool and beckoning in the bright Bermuda sunshine. A ring of weathered volcanic rocks rise from the water to create an extra sense of privacy, and completely shelter the small pool from ocean waves. The small strip of soft pink sand, only a few yards wide, is what most brides dream of when picturing a tropical wedding – it seems surreal that a place like this is tangible, and yet it rests right on the shores of Bermuda, waiting for your wedding day. Enjoy the green of the shrubbery and the bright blue of the ocean, the soft pink sand under your toes and the sound of gentle waves washing ashore – let your senses go wild in this haven from the outside world.

Couples find access to Jobson’s Cove from Warwick Long Bay Beach in Warwick Parish. With absolutely no facilities nearby, other than the restrooms on Warwick Long Bay, this beach remains absolutely pristine, and if you’re lucky enough to get it all to yourself, becomes your own little piece of heaven. Expect to see some traffic in this location due to its reputation, so try going early in the day or in the evening to avoid the worst of it.

Astwood Cove

Located in Warwick Parish, Astwood Cove is a tiny and secluded beach with a superbly romantic backdrop of sheer, rising cliffs. Accessible only by a steep set of stairs, the beauty and isolation found at the bottom makes the trip well worth it. A small, pristine pink sand beach borders the turquoise ocean waves, and no facilities mar the natural landscape. The jagged rock cliff face, covered with green shrubbery, soars behind you into the blue sky, and at the top couples find a park (another popular ceremony location.) Wedding parties must bring any supplies they might need, and ensure that everyone traveling with you can manage the trip. Astwood Cove lends itself best to small and intimate ceremonies, due to both its size and location, and creates the perfect romantic destination for couples seeking peace and privacy.

Tobacco Bay

A small picture-perfect strip of sand known as Tobacco Beach lies in St. George, the northernmost parish of Bermuda. Only 10 minutes from the city of St. George itself, this location draws couples with its calm waters, convenient location, and beautiful scenery. The beach is small, but lovely, with craggy limestone rocks to the right of the water that protect it from ocean waves. On the sand, the rocks continue to rise into a large scenic bluff, green with shrubbery and perfect for exploration. One of the few public beaches to offer facilities, including restrooms, changing areas, a snack bar, umbrella rentals, and a small store, this location offers convenience for wedding parties along with gorgeous surroundings. Expect to see tourists who travel to this spot for the excellent snorkeling as well as the beautiful scenery.


Those who prefer an extremely intimate ceremony with their family and friends may want to consider renting a Bermuda villa, a private residence made available to visitors by the owner. Villas allow the couple complete and total privacy, although they must hire their own caterers, wedding planner, and any other services necessary (also check the rental agreement to ensure that weddings are permitted!) Many offer luxurious amenities and plenty of living space, allowing you to operate independently during your time on the island. Avoid potential crowds on public beaches and in the hotels, and hold a wedding ceremony right inside your private home. With a variety of styles, budgets, and locations, it’s easy to find a spot that speaks to your aesthetic. Book a large villa and invite several of your friends, or elope and exchange vows with just the two of you. A villa provides the perfect romantic atmosphere and intimacy that every couple imagines when planning their Bermuda destination wedding!


An incredibly large amount of churches lay strewn throughout the relatively small island of Bermuda, representing the faiths of many major religions including Catholicism, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, and more. Below, we’ve included contact information for some of the most popular, many sought out for their historical significance on the island.

Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity (Bermuda Cathedral, Anglican)

Church Street, Hamilton
HM 11, Bermuda
Phone: (441) 292-4033
Fax: 292-5421
Website: Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity

St. Peter’s Church (Anglican)

33 Duke of York St.
St. George's Town
Telephone: (441) 297-2459
Website: St. Peter’s Church

The Unfinished Church

Head of Duke of Kent Street
St. George's
Website: The Unfinished Church

Christ Church (Presbyterian)

Middle Road, Warwick
Telephone: (441) 236-1882
Website: Christ Church (Presbyterian)

Other Venues:

The Unfinished Church

Just as its name implies, this historical Gothic structure, beautiful yet half-finished, is a popular destination for couples that want a unique venue. Originally intended to replace the St. Peter’s Anglican Church of Bermuda, the project began with high ambitions. Massive stone walls, started in 1874, still stand proudly with their graceful arches and glassless windows. However, this is as far as construction ever proceeded – due to money problems, fighting within the Church, and a devastating storm, the project was abandoned shortly before completion. It still rests in St. George’s Parish today, roofless, floorless, and yet somehow intriguingly lovely. The bright blue Bermudan sky becomes your ceiling, and the soft green grass underfoot your aisle, combining the best elements of nature against manmade beauty.

One of 11 historic properties managed by the Bermuda National Trust, a non-profit organization established to preserve the culture and heritage of the island, the Unfinished Church creates an excellent alternative venue for anyone thinking outside the box. The Trust rents the venue for 4-hour blocks at $250 per hour, and charge $350 for a small ceremony (maximum 10 people), $1,000 for a large ceremony (maximum 200 people), and $1,000 for a large ceremony and reception (maximum 100 people.) Couples may also rent the area strictly for photographs for $200. For those who prefer to visit first, or who want to make this a stop on their Bermuda honeymoon, admission is free and the structure remains open year-round.

Website: The Unfinished Church


Bermuda National Trust Head Office
Waterville2 Pomander Lane
Paget PG 05Bermuda

Mailing Address
Bermuda National Trust
P.O. Box HM 61
Hamilton, HM

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, Atlantic Standard Time
Telephone: (441) 236-6483
Fax: (441) 236-0617

Astwood Park

In Warwick Parish, couples find a lovely park suspended over one of the most popular beaches in Bermuda, Astwood Cove. Resting at the top of a large sheer cliff, the park offers breathtaking views right over the drop to the azure ocean beyond. If you climb down the cliff’s steep set of stairs, you can access the tiny beach, renowned for its dreamy Bermuda beauty.

The park itself contains picnic tables and restrooms, perfect for a casual post-wedding reception or meal. Couples frequently seek out this spot for its superb scenery and beach access, and it remains one of the most popular in Bermuda for outdoor wedding ceremonies.


For a taste of Bermuda’s history, why not hold your Bermuda destination wedding ceremony or reception in one of the island’s oldest homes? Waterville, located near the city of Hamilton in Hamilton Parish, operates as the headquarters of the Bermuda National Trust, and is one of their preserved museum properties. Before the Trust, the house belonged to the Trimingham family for 7 generations, and was the first site of their famous department store Triningham Brothers. Today the store no longer remains, but the home continues to stand, lovingly preserved and tended both inside and out. Rooms full of antiques speak of a different era, while gardens of roses and a gazebo create a perfectly romantic outdoor venue.

Waterville contains several sites perfect for wedding ceremonies or receptions, rentable through the Bermuda National Trust. Hold an outdoor event in the beautiful gardens for up to 200 people, or plan an intimate reception inside the drawing room for 30. Whatever you choose, Waterville offers an ideal combination of historical background and elegance perfect for any destination wedding!

Website: Waterville


Bermuda National Trust Head Office
Waterville2 Pomander Lane
Paget PG 05Bermuda

Mailing Address
Bermuda National Trust
P.O. Box HM 61
Hamilton, HM

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, Atlantic Standard Time
Telephone: (441) 236-6483
Fax: (441) 236-0617


Once a private home, Verdmont near the southern coast of Smith’s Parish provides an intimate romantic setting for couples planning their weddings in Bermuda. Built in 1710 and sold to the Bermuda National Trust in 1951, builders constructed the house in a Georgian architectural style, giving it an elegant and grand appearance perfect for an upscale ceremony. Antiques including fine furniture fill the rooms inside, while outside beautiful gardens await guests and wedding photographs. Poised near the southern coast of Bermuda, the house also offers beautiful, sweeping views of the shoreline. Verdmont holds up to 75 guests for an outdoor reception, and either 40 for dinner or 60 for cocktails inside.

Website: Verdmont

6 Verdmont Lane, off Collectors Hill
Smith’s Parish

Phone: (441) 236-7369

Bermuda Maritime Museum (Commissioner’s House)

Once a fort used to protect the Royal Navy Dockyard against attack, the area now known as the Bermuda Maritime Museum houses a favorite venue for wedding ceremonies and receptions: the Commissioner’s House, a unique cast-iron building with plenty of history and romantic intrigue. Completed in 1827 as the residence of the Dockyard Commissioners, the house was actively used until the year 1951, and restored by the Bermuda Maritime Museum several years later as part of the historical grounds. Today it stands as a monument to Bermuda’s culture and history, and the house contains several different displays dedicated to preserving a piece of Bermuda’s past.

Located on some of the highest ground in the complex, the 3-story house offers stunning views of the Bermuda coast, perfect for taking excellent wedding photos. Wrapping verandahs allow your guests to wander and admire the location, and museum exhibits scattered throughout the house stand as a testimony to Bermuda’s rich past. The venue holds up to 1,000 or more people for cocktails, with the choice of in-house dining (seats up to 200), or a meal on the verandah or lawn (seats up to 300). Couples also have the choice of renting either the entire house ($2,500 for a day rental, $3,000 for evening) or one of 4 specific rooms for a more intimate experience (ranging from $700 to $1,000). The Commissioner’s House also works with a suggested catering company to help alleviate unnecessary stress in finding vendors. This beautiful location brings a perfect balance of history and elegance to your Bermuda destination wedding, and will pleasantly surprise your guests with its unique setting!

Website: Bermuda Maritime Museum


Mail: P.O. Box MA 133
Sandys MA BX, BermudaCourier
1, The Keep, Sandys MA 01, Bermuda

Admission information: 1-441-234-1418
Museum offices: 1-441-234-1333
Fax: 1-441-234-1735

The Bermuda Botanical Gardens

Escape the crowds of tourists and hotels and hold a quiet ceremony in the Bermuda Botanical Gardens, 36 acres of the island’s most beautiful flora and fauna. Founded in 1898 as the Public Garden with only 10 acres to its name, the grounds have since evolved into Bermuda’s 5th largest national park, drawing locals as well as tourists with its peaceful atmosphere and resplendent beauty. Stroll through the many themed and manicured gardens of roses, orchids, and hibiscus, or relax under the shady stands of cedar, palm, and bamboo. The park even includes a butterfly garden and an aviary, as well as creating a natural habitat for several more island species. Two of the best known features include a sensory garden devoted to the blind, and Camden House, the official residence of Bermuda’s Premier (guided tours of the large white house are made available to guests!)

Marry amidst some of Bermuda’s most spectacular natural beauty, and enjoy the relaxing ambiance of the garden. Many of Bermuda’s inhabitants seek out this location for romantic strolls, picnics, and get-togethers, so it’s not uncommon to see other couples or families during your visit. The gardens hold a significant spot in the history and identity of the island, and serve as a place for important horticultural research as well as showcasing the lush flora and fauna.

Exchange your vows amidst the exotic perfume of the flowers, in an intimate setting of woods, gardens, and greenhouses. For couples that prefer a quiet outdoor ceremony, it’s hard to beat the perfection of Bermuda’s Botanical Gardens.


169 South Road, Paget Parish

Tel: 441-236-4201
Fax: 441-236-7582

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