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Planning the destination wedding of a lifetime? Why not consider holding it in beautiful Bermuda, home to 21 square miles of fabulous pink sand shores, lush surroundings, friendly people, and plenty of spots for the perfect ceremony? Located roughly 600 miles southeast of the North Carolina coast, many people wrongly perceive Bermuda as one of the famed Caribbean Islands - in reality, it rests in the North Atlantic Ocean, although its many beaches, palm trees, and pastel houses remain reminiscent of a Caribbean paradise. Composed of many small islands, only 20 of which hold inhabitants, Bermuda curves like a fishhook into the warm ocean waters, inviting couples to walk its many romantic beaches, explore the bustling capital city of Hamilton, and enjoy life far from the hectic pace and stress of home. Bermuda is a self-governing British territory, so expect to encounter some distinctive English traditions such as high tea and the occasional game of cricket during your visit!

When planning a Bermuda destination wedding, several couples choose to head straight to the beaches, and with good reason. The distinctive pink hue of Bermuda sands (the color comes from the crushed shells of tiny sea animals) contrasts beautifully with the clear blue waters, and the beaches range in personality from small and intimate coves to wide public spots perfect for large celebrations! Couples planning a Bermuda beach wedding have a choice between the public and private beaches. Hotels own the private beaches, and you must book through them to utilize your chosen location - however, this often comes with the added bonus of services, wedding packages, facilities, and a bit more privacy. The public spots remain free and make up some of the most beautiful shores on the island, including popular Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Bay. Expect to see a few more people in these locations (early morning ceremonies offer a great way to avoid the worst of the crowds), but also expect to enjoy the world-renowned scenery that draws them. Tiny coves such as Jobson's and Astwood offer secluded beaches that create the perfect intimate environment for exchanging vows. While a few of the public beaches contain facilities like restrooms or snack bars, the vast majority go without, so come prepared with your own supplies!

Booking a large hotel on the beach is often a foolproof plan for a perfect destination wedding venue, and Bermuda provides no exception. The majority of the large beachfront resorts lie along Bermuda's southern coast, and make extremely popular choices for couples. Enjoy luxurious hotel perks such as fine-dining restaurants, pools, private beach access, spas, and wedding and honeymoon packages without ever leaving the resort, perfect for those who truly want to relax and enjoy their surroundings. Although a bit pricey, convenience plays an important role in the wedding plans of many couples, and the resort hotels carry it in spades!

If the large hotels overwhelm you (or your budget), plenty of smaller accommodations lie scattered throughout the island. Villas, bed and breakfasts, apartments, and cottages all offer a bit more intimacy than the mega-resorts, typically along with a more laidback atmosphere. Keep an eye out for the signature white roofs of the small houses and cottages, used for collecting rainwater. As Bermuda contains no source of fresh water, the island remains dependent on the weather for drinking, bathing, and many other activities.

Should your hotel come without services, plenty of coordinators and planners operate throughout Bermuda, available to help make your special day perfect. Take advantage of these people - they know the island, the legalities, and have spent years planning one perfect destination wedding after another!

Of course, other wedding site options exist beyond the traditional hotels and beaches. Why not consider a historical building such as Verdmont or Waterville, or a unique setting like the Unfinished Church? For natural beauty, the Bermuda Botanical Gardens or Astwood Park (right above Astwood Cove) offer gorgeous scenery perfect for your special day. When planning for wedding locations that require travel, couples should note that Bermuda does not permit car rentals for tourists. This rarely proves a problem, as scooters, buses, taxis, and ferries all provide a transportation network across the 21-mile island. However, keep this in mind and make your plans accordingly!

For couples that want stunning scenery, perfect beaches, and a wide range of options in choosing their ceremony spot, Bermuda provides the ideal destination wedding location. When the ceremony wraps up, enjoy your honeymoon and take in the nightlife, water sports, dining, and culture available on the island, and enjoy a destination wedding experience to remember forever!

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