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Renowned for its beauty and popularity as a tourist spot, the fishhook-shaped island of Bermuda enchants from the very first glimpse out the airplane window. The famous pink sand beaches dazzle the eye and the surrounding sapphire waters entice you to take a swim. Spend your vacation immersed in the charming and comfortable mix of tropical and traditional English culture. Each of the nine parishes offers a wealth of sights to see, so bring your camera and take home some spectacular vacation memories!

Perhaps world famous, Bermuda's 34 fantastic beaches draw tourists there year after year. Horseshoe Bay in Southampton Parish reigns as the island's most popular, definitely a must see for your visit. Extremely photogenic, Horseshoe stretches for a quarter mile, enclosed by limestone cliffs. Enjoy the sun and the shell-pink sand and find some great snorkeling spots just offshore.

For somewhere a little less crowded, visit Warwick Long Bay in Warwick Parish. Sand and water stretch as far as the eye can see, making plenty of room for everyone. Nearby playgrounds provide a wonderful family environment. Spend hours strolling and enjoying the lovely scenery, with convenient concessions stands nearby if you want a meal or drink. Offshore, a small island of coral rises out of the water, a fantastic spot for snorkeling and full of marine life. Some of the other best beaches include Chaplin, Church, Shelly, Tobacco, and John Smith's Bay.

Another must see, Hamilton acts as the heart of all things commercial and maritime in Pembroke Parish and the only city in Bermuda (not to be confused with Hamilton Parish). The magnificent Hamilton Harbour houses nearly hundreds of boats including giant cruise ships down to the smallest sailboat. Take a walk through Front Street, the "Shop Window," where incredible bargains on high end perfumes, clothes, jewelry, watches, liquors, and much more adorn every store shelf. Numerous galleries attract serious and casual art collectors with an eclectic range of paintings, photographs, sculptures, and hand-blown glass. Try the Bermudian rum-based liquors and specially made honey.

Visit important places such as Government House and the famous Fort Hamilton. From March through November, the Bermudan Pipe Band gives a stirring performance each Monday at the fort. Be sure to catch a picture of the famous "bird cages," where Bermudan policemen stand and direct traffic, surprisingly the most photographed people in Bermuda of all time! Post offices, public gardens, libraries, and many more shops abound in this lovely city, a center of tourism. And of course, car rentals are abundant to get to and from your outings.

30 minutes from Hamilton, St. George sits at the heart of St. George's Parish, the capital of Bermuda and the home of many historical sights. Brightly colored houses with coral-topped roofs decorate the pleasantly clean streets, perfect for a walking tour of the entire town. Visit King's Square, where a 17th century-costumed town crier rings his bell and calls out the evens of the day. Authentically English stocks, whipping post, ducking stool, and pillories stand as testament to Bermuda's uniquely blended history. Enjoy a drink or meal at the old fashioned taverns before visiting the Bermuda National Trust Museum. See the many artifacts that details Bermuda's past. If you like churches, visit such gems as the enigmatic Unfinished Church, the Old Rectory, or St. Peter's Church.

Travel to Bermuda and experience the beauty and antiquity everywhere you go. Relax on the breathtakingly lovely beaches and stroll through the quiet streets of the parishes. Plan your trip today and don't forget extra film!

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